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FUNDfinder gives your parish FREE access to comprehensive funding information.

Register now to search a database of thousands of opportunities.

Easy to use programme which asks you for search criteria and then generates relevant funding sources.

What is FUNDfinder?



It is a free and easy to use tool for parishes to access funding.

How will it help me?

You can use it in your own time to find possible funds for your local church projects.

When can I start?

Right now.  Register now using this link to go to the website

Why should I use FUNDfinder?

  • It provides clear fund details showing the criteria, contact details and links to application forms
  • It will save you time and energy searching for funds
  • There is a dedicated local support section
  • You can receive automatic e-mail alerts to keep you up to date with new funding opportunities
  • You can save your search results to a personal profile.