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Please have a look at some of our frequently asked question and click the links to find what you are looking for....

1)    Some of our parishioners do not have computers. What is the best way to keep them informed about church events?

We recommend that parishes nominate someone within their parish to print copies of our weekly eNews to pass on to others.  A copy could also be pinned to the church noticeboard.    

2)    Some members of our PCC are not on email. How will the diocese keep in touch with them?

Please see the note above.  However if you do have a computer it is really easy to set up a free email account.  We would recommend a Google Gmail account for its simplicity.  Please:

  1. Go to
  2. To sign up for Gmail, create a Google Account.
  3. You can use the username and password to sign in to Gmail. Follow the steps on the screen to set up your account. Use the account you created to sign in to Gmail.
  4. Once armed with an email address you can subscribe to eNews.

3)    How do I sign up for eNews?

Please click here to sign up to eNews and receive information directly to your inbox.

4)    What is videotelephony and how can it help my church?

Videotelephony is all the different technologies used for audio-video presentations offering communication between people in different locations examples include Zoom, telephones, mobile phones, Facebook and YouTube.

We have a designated page on developing your church online using these technologies please click here for an array of resources including how to guides for using Zoom, filming on a mobile phone and using social media.

5)    How do we broadcast a church service on the internet? 

As mentioned above, we have a designated page on developing your church online please click here for an array of resources including how to guides for live streaming services, broadcasting techniques and YouTube films from those who have already tried and tested ideas.

6)    How do we share our good news stories across the diocese?

We have a 'How to' guide for generating good PR - to download your copy please click here.  This guide includes details on the type of events that make a good story, how the diocese communications team supports parishes and how the diocese can help amplify your news.  If you wish to submit your story to the diocesan communications team please use our media form here.

7)    I have a question about the diocesan website. Who should I contact?

We are committed to keeping our website up-to-date and if you spot something that is in need of updating or adding to our website please let us know.  In the first instance please email

8)    Who at the diocesan office is responsible for maintaining the diocesan database CMS?

The diocesan database is provided by the Church of England's Contact Management System commonly called CMS.  If you are a diocesan postholder (i.e. Clergy and Church Office Holders) you can log in to access the online directory here: CMS Portal.  Those with access will be able to update their data and also be able to see a dashboard of panels for all Church of England services.  If you are experiencing problems with CMS please email Nigel Cook our Diocesan Strategic IT Manager who overseas our database system.

9)    Can a member of a PCC update the parishes page on the CMS? 

If you are a diocesan postholder (i.e. Clergy and Church Office Holders) you can log in to access the online directory here: CMS Portal to edit your own entry.  If you have not yet registered for CMS please click this link above and follow the instructions.  If you are not a postholder and you have noticed an error on CMS please email Nigel Cook our Diocesan Strategic IT Manager. 

10)    I have been contacted by the press about a news story relating to the Church. What should I do?

Suffolk-based PR agency Prominent PR are contracted by the Diocese to manage any potential negative reputational risks that may arise from media coverage. They can also assist with sharing good news stories with the wider-Suffolk public, via a range of media channels. As such, they are the first-point-of-support for any related press and media concerns.  When contacted by any representative of the press or media:

  • Please do not make any personal comment or response.
  • Record their name, details of who are they representing, their contact details and the issue that they would like to discuss (if they offer it, no need to investigate).
  • Provide them with the contact details for Prominent PR - 01473 276127 - who will be happy to manage their enquiry.  Out of hours: 07403 401387.

For further information please download:

How to deal with a media crisis | PDF

If the enquiry from the press is regarding a positive story please refer to our how to guides on writing a good press release and taking part in a media interview both available here.

11) How does my parish update their A Church Near You page?

We have a page on our website dedicated to A Church Near You, please take a look here.

12) Does the diocese offer any training or events around communications and technology? 

The communications team are available to answer questions from parishes please email  We can also attend your parish meetings (by Zoom or in person) such as deanery synods to present on topics such as overview of the diocesan communications planning, social media, communication channels, websites and press relations.   

Further communications and online church webinars are being planned and the full range of our webinars will be advertised in eNews and bookings will be by our link with our Diocesan Eventbrite page.

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