There are many ways in which we can support the mission and ministry of the church across our 445 parishes and one of them is to help us to exercise sound governance.

The Bishop's Council

The current membership Bishops Council | PDF

Members of Bishop’s Council are the trustees of the DBF in its role as the diocese’s charity and are also its directors and members (it is a company limited by guarantee).  The trustees are responsible for setting the strategic direction of the DBF, being a sounding-board for the bishop, initiating proposals for the Diocesan Synod, and carrying out functions delegated by it.  Bishop's Council is the standing committee of the Diocesan Synod. It delegates much of its work to sub-committees:

Bishop’s Staff

This is the executive committee of the DBF and deals with matters relating to Vision and Strategy (Growing In God), day-to-day operational management, communications and PR and vocation and ministry.  The Strategic Programme Board is a subcommittee which oversees and manages delivery of major projects designed to enable the diocese to fulfil its strategic aims and objectives. 

Governance Committee

Through the development and implementation of good governance practice, the committee assists the DBF by scrutinising and challenging all matters of governance to ensure that the Charity fulfils its legal, ethical and functional responsibilities through policy development, implementation and monitoring. 

Finance and Investment Committee

The committee scrutinises diocesan finances and investments, ensuring that the Diocesan strategy is properly funded and that the DBF achieves value for money and properly manages its assets and liabilities. It initiates the diocesan budget process and the setting of parish share. 

Parsonages Committee

The committee sets policies and acts in connection with the provision and maintenance of housing for clergy.

Diocesan Advisory Committee for the care of churches (DAC)

The Church has ‘Ecclesiastical Exemption’ from some secular building control (listed building consent, for example) as it has its own method of control called Faculty Jurisdiction. Parochial Church Councils (PCCs) need to seek permission for most work on their church building and this is sought via the DAC. 

Management Team Meeting

Whilst the trustees delegate some of their responsibilities to committees, other responsibilities are delegated to the Diocesan Secretary (or CEO).  The day-to-day operations of the DBF are led by the Diocesan Secretary and key members of staff who together form the Management Team Meeting.

Diocesan Board of Patronage

Is patron to a number of benefices within the diocese acting either jointly with others or in sole capacity.

The current membership Patronage Board | PDF 

Diocesan Board of Patronage Nomination Form - Clergy | PDF

Diocesan Board of Patronage Nomination Form - Lay | PDF

The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)

Concerned with the promotion of education, church schools, RE and Collective Worship but its responsibilities also include an increasing focus on school improvement.  The DBE is appointed by Archdeaconry. DBE is elected on the basis of the archdeaconries of Ipswich, Sudbury and Suffolk (legally, there are three archdeaconries in this diocese even though we have been working for some time with two archdeacons who between them cover the diocese). 

Current membership DBE | PDF

The Vacancy in See Committee


  • Bishop Mike
  • Dean Joe
  • Archdeacon David Jenkins and Archdeacon Rhiannon King
  • Chair of House of Clergy: The Revd Canon Sharon Potter
  • Chair of House of Laity: Tony Allwood
  • General Synod Reps: The Revd Canon Andrew Dotchin, Archdeacon Sally Gaze, Jeanette Appleton, Andrew Gray
  • Clergy Reps (2): The Revd Matt Key, The Revd Tom Mumford
  • Laity Reps (2): Paul Clarke, David Lamming
  • Elected members (1x Clergy/5x Laity): The Revd Al Metcalfe, Mary Hare, Calum Harris, Gavin Stone, David Walters, 1x vacant
  • Bishop's Council Nominees (up to 4): Scarlett Blacker, Emma Knight, Emma Morris
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