Clergy People System

From May 2021 a new People System will hold people data for stipendiary clergy and other ministers.

The new People System for the Church of England is replacing MyView and is the system that holds the information that will be presented in the National Register of Clergy

The National Register of Clergy was published on the Church of England website in mid-May. It shows all clergy who hold a Bishop’s Licence or Permission to Officiate (PTO). It will not include contact information. 

For all the information you need please visit:

People System | Weblink

Further information please contact the Bishop's Office:

Bishops' Office

Terry Atkins | Secretary to the Bishop | 01473 252829

Diane Matthews | Executive Assistant to the Bishops and Archdeacons | 01473 252829

Louise Richardson | Administrative Assistant to the Bishops and Archdeacons | 01473 252829 


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