Licensed Evangelists


Share! is a one-year course exploring this ministry, run in conjunction with Church Army, where participants engage together and online plus join a Mission Weekend.   

Discernment for licensing takes place during the year. Evangelists want to reach people outside the church community, but also encourage those within to be confident about their story.  Evangelists are enablers of others and ‘tellers of the Good News’ in various contexts.  The Share! course explores this ministry and, for those who wish, leads to Licensed Ministry.

Current Licensed Evangelists in this diocese minister in Church groups; in a pub, within new housing, running courses like Alpha and Faith Pictures, run Fresh Expressions like Café Church, are engaged in chaplaincy and are involved in online services and outreach - amongst others.  They are supported locally as part of a diocesan team and can join the Church Army Mission Community nationally.

Evangelist ministry is more than you may think.  It’s a word that may make you sceptical, but is an integral Christian ministry.

It’s not about being the next Billy Graham (though you never know) but Evangelists want to reach outside church buildings with the Good News of Christ, but also are encouragers and enablers of Christians to be confident about their own faith story. Evangelists enable others and ‘tell the Good News’ by word and deed, and can minister in various contexts.  Some examples include:

Licensed Evangelist Graham is Rural Chaplain to Light-wave Community across Suffolk, Graham says, “My passion is farming, and since being licensed I’ve been privileged to work as Rural Chaplain, reaching out to farming and countryside communities across Suffolk.  I’ve been interviewed by various magazines and licensing has given a recognition that has opened many doors for my ministry”


Licensed Evangelist Julie runs a monthly meal and chat in the local pub, Julie says, “Before Licensing I ran a ‘Bring and Share Night’ in the local pub.   Monthly we share food and talk about whatever comes to mind, but since training the focus became ‘What is an Evangelist’.  We had to stop during lockdown, but villagers requested us to return so I started a ‘praying for you’ blog.  Licensing has given me the confidence to be adaptable and try something new.”


Licensed Evangelists Tracey. Liz and Dawn are part of Mission Ipswich East parish and are engaged in a variety of activities within the parish especially giving people more confidence in sharing their faith. Tracey says, “We are encouraging one another to let people know that we are Christians and to share our faith.  We are using various materials to help equip people in our churches to be able to talk about faith with friends, family and neighbours.” 

Licensed Evangelists are part of a growing team and are also invited to consider Covenanted Evangelist membership of the Church Army Mission Community nationally.

Suggested reading

Martyn Snow (Ed), 2019, Anglican Evangelists Identifying and Training a New Generation, SPCK

More information

To find out more about becoming a Licensed Evangelist, you can read more in our leaflet:

Evangelist Ministry Leaflet | PDF

If you have questions about the 'Share' course or the ministry of a Licensed Evangelist, please email Andrew Payne or telephone on 07950 562724 or 01473 601438.