PCC Secretary

The Parish Secretary is a pivitol role to supporting the organisational functions of a church and you will be key to enabling your church to operate effectively and efficiently and meets its legal requirements. 

What Parish Secretaries do

  • Perform the administrative roles of the PCC meetings, such as booking dates and producing and distributing agendas and minutes.
  • Other duties will vary according to each church but you may help with producing leaflets and printing, running the church calendar, responding to emails, database and mailing duties and many more.

Who can be a Parish Secretary?

  • The PCC Secretary is appointed by the PCC at the first meeting after the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.
  • You need not be a member of the PCC, in which case you can be co-opted on to the Council. If the role is co-opted, you will be a full member of the Council with voting rights. 
  • You should be a good administrator who can be confidential and deal with sensitive information about church and community members.
  • The role would suit a person who has the ability to work alongside a number of different colleagues such as Ministers, Treasurers and Churchwardens.


For further information and resources

Parish Resources | Weblink.

Case Study - Mike Turton

Being PCC Secretary has been a springboard into doing so many other things.

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