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Statistics for Mission

The collection of Statistics for Mission data is a annual requirement of the National Church, which the Diocesan Office assists in gathering on their behalf. Statistics For Mission are essential to the ongoing care and understanding of our churches and congregations and is actively used both nationally and locally in shaping the support of mission and growth.

Statistics for Mission data can be entered online. 

If you are unable to input data using the online portal and would like assistance please contact Gabriel Drinkell at email or call 01473 298544.

2018 Statistics for Mission Documents:


I am so pleased to have joined the Diocesan Office staff team in the new role of Business Information & Systems Administrator.  This exciting new opportunity replaces and expands the role previously held by Alice Russell as Data Analyst and will see me taking responsibility for the collection and use of data to assist in achieving our vision of “Growing in God”. I will also have oversight of the office's central database - we are currently beginning the process of reviewing the data it holds.

Statistics for Mission
My first objective is to support you with the annual 'Statistics for Mission' returns, due to take place throughout January 2019.  The Church of England Research and Statistics unit collects, analyses and publishes data relating to a wide range of aspects and this is effectively the 'census' of the Church of England's 12,600 parishes.  The results are published online and in the form of Dashboards (see below). 

We will collate the data using the National Church Online Parish Returns System. More information will be circulated next week to key contacts in parishes to ensure each has a data 'Parish Administrator' responsible for setting up the accounts that enable them to enter data on behalf of their parish.

The Church of England Research and Statistics team publish the results of this data collection in the form of Dashboards.  These PDFs show data and trends for up to ten years' for each parish.   They have just published updated Dashboards for 2017 and those already registered with the online returns systems should receive these within the next few weeks directly from them, so please keep an eye on your inbox!  We also have Dashboards available for each benefice – please contact me directly if you would like a copy for your benefice.

Do email me with any questions about your data as I am here to assist with any queries. You can email me at Thank you in advance for your help with this important area of work, I look forward to supporting you with it in the coming months.

By Gabriel Drinknell