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Statistics for Mission

The collection of Statistics for Mission data is a annual requirement of the National Church, which the Diocesan Office assists in gathering on their behalf. Statistics For Mission are essential to the ongoing care and understanding of our churches and congregations and is actively used both nationally and locally in shaping the support of mission and growth.

Statistics for Mission data can be entered online. 

If you are unable to input data using the online portal and would like assistance please contact us by email or call 01473 298500.

2019 Statistics for Mission Documents:

As only 38% of churches nationally, and 25% of churches throughout the diocese, have submitted their return, the deadline has been extended until Sunday 15 March. Your help is appreciated as we seek to exceed our return rate of 90% last year.

The Church of England Research and Statistics team publish the results of this data collection in the form of Dashboards.  These PDFs show data and trends for up to ten years' for each parish.   They have published updated Dashboards for 2017 and we have dashboards available for each benefice – please contact us by email or call 01473 298500.