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Pioneers are people called by God who are the first to see and creatively respond to the Holy Spirit’s initiatives with those outside the church; gathering others around them as they seek to establish new contextual Christian community. They combine the ability to see a new future with the skills and gifts to make the future accessible now.

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My ministry is to pioneer and shape new relationships with the unchurched in the community with a hope to make church relevant to the community entrusted into our care.  I do this by encouraging and supporting the Church family to be mission and outward focused and alongside this I build relationships with the community and then bring the two together.

My role is a partnership between the Methodist Church and the Anglican Church, this creates the wonderful opportunity for our Church family to experience the joy of a living faith through acts of service.

We do different things to connect to the community and we do this out of love – the motive of our hearts – We love because Jesus loves.  We go to where the community are, for example joining an existing community cooking group which was running in the community centre, hosting cooking lessons and using this time to get to know the people there.  We build these relationships overtime and it is of course intentional – to invite them to explore faith.

The biggest challenge is that once we have connected with people in our community - how can we bring that connection into the church – moving from presence to proclamation? We have found that by being ourselves, we are able to build trusting relationship, one in which they can ask questions which gives us an opportunity to share our faith, and in doing  so, we can learn together.  

Having this trust makes it easier to talk about Jesus and say that Jesus loves them too. We continue to look for opportunity to shape a community of people toward serving each other and the wider community, intentionally influenced with the love of Jesus.

It is important that we take time to ‘be’ in the midst of our doing"  by Diano Grano

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