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Bishops’ Pilgrimage 2017


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The Bishops' Lent Pilgrimage from Dunwich to the Cathedral at Bury St Edmunds from March 1 to March 11 takes the following route:

  • March 1 Dunwich to Yoxford (about 7 miles)
  • March 2 Yoxford to Bruisyard (about 7 miles)
  • March 3 Bruisyard to Framlingham (about 5 miles) *
  • March 5 Framlingham to Earl Soham (about 4 miles)
  • March 6 Earl Soham to Debenham (about 8½ miles) *
  • March 7 Debenham to Earl Stonham (about 8 miles)
  • March 8 Earl Stonham to Stowmarket (St Peter & St Mary) (about 8½ miles) *am
  • March 9 Stowmarket to Drinkstone (about 9 miles) *pm
  • March 10 Drinkstone to Bury St Edmunds (Hospice Chapel) (about 8½ miles)

*these days include private visits which have been arranged for the Bishops and are less suitable for additional walkers.

The Pilgrimage starts on the beach at Dunwich (in church if wet) at 9.00am with Eucharist and ashing, and ends at the Diocesan Synod in the Cathedral on 11 March.

Each section of the pilgrimage starts and ends at a Church in the Diocese, with morning and evening prayer respectively. All walks start at 9.00am with a short service at the church, except Wednesday 1 March which starts with Eucharist on the beach and Sunday 5 March which starts immediately at 2.30pm.

Everyone is invited to walk with the Bishops for part or all of each day. However days marked * are less suitable for additional walkers. See Diocesan Website for further details. The afternoons of Sunday 5 and Wednesday 8 March are especially suitable for additional walkers, and the Wednesday afternoon has public transport back to your starting place.

Please note that walks are not circular so please plan parking/public transport accordingly.

  • Pilgrimage Map-+

    Below is a map of the Bishop's Pilgrimage from Dunwich to Bury St Edmunds. It marks the locations of all the churches that they will be visiting on route.

  • Pilgrimage Itinerary-+

    1 March

    • 9.00am. Eucharist and Imposition of Ashes on the beach at Dunwich. If it is raining this service will take place in Dunwich Church.
    • 10.15am. Walk From beach (or church) to Dunwich Museum
    • 10.30am. Visit Dunwich museum
    • 10.50am. Visit St James' Church, Dunwich
    • 11.00am. Walk to Westleton
    • 11.55am. Visit Westleton Chapel S/H bookshop
    • 12.15pm. Visit St Peter's Westleton Church
    • 12.30pm. Lunch at White Horse Inn, The Hill, Westleton
    • 1.45pm. Walk to All Saints, Darsham
    • 2.15pm. Visit All Saints, Darsham
    • 3.10pm. Walk to Emmerdale farm shop
    • 3.30pm. Visit Emmerdale farm shop
    • 4.00pm. Walk to St Peter's Yoxford
    • 4.20pm. End walk at St Peter's Yoxford
    • 4.30pm. Evening prayer at Yoxford Church
    • 7.30pm. Ash Wednesday service at St Peters Yoxford

    2 March

    • 9.00am. Morning Worship at Yoxford church
    • 9.20am. Slow walk to Yoxford Antiques Centre 
    • 10.00am. Visit Yoxford Antiques Centre
    • 11.10am. Walk to Sibton St Peter church 
    • 11.50am. Visit Sibton St Peter church
    • 12.05am. Walk to Peasenhall St Michael's church 
    • 12.35am. Visit Peasenhall St Michael's church
    • 12.50pm. Lunch break and look at the village
    • 2.20pm. Walk to Bruisyard St Peter's church 
    • 4.00pm. End walk with visit to Bruisyard St Peter's church
    • 4.10pm. Evening Prayer

    3 March

    • 9.00am. Morning Worship at Bruisyard St Peters church
    • 9.30am. Walk to St Peter's Cransford  
    • 10.10am. Visit St Peter's Cransford
    • 4.00pm. Evening prayer at Framlingham church

    5 March

    • 10.00am. Bishop Martin to preside and preach at Parham Church
    • 9,30am. Bishop Mike to preside and preach at Framlingham Church
    • 2.30pm. Walk Framlingham to Earl Soham
    • 4.15pm. End walk at Earl Soham St Mary
    • 4.30pm. Evening prayer 
    • 7.30pm. Victoria pub, Earl Soham in the evening to try the locally brewed Earl Soham Brewery products and meet the people who live in Earl Soham.

    6 March

    • 9.00am. Morning prayer at Earl Soham St Mary
    • 9.30am. Walk Earl Soham to Aspalls Cider 
    • 12.00-2.00pm. Private visit
    • 2.00pm. Walk Aspalls Cider to Aspall St Mary of Grace church
    • 2.15pm. Visit Aspal St Mary of Grace 
    • 2.30pm. Walk to Debenham 
    • 5.00pm. Evening prayer at St Mary Magdalene church, Debenham

    7 March

    • 9.00am. Morning prayer at St Mary Magdalene Debenham
    • 12.45pm. Visit Stonham Barns Craft Centre
    • 2.15pm. Walk from Stonham Barns to Stonham Aspal church 
    • 2.30pm. Visit St Mary and St Lambert Stonham Aspal 
    • 2.45pm. Walk Stonham Aspal church to Earl Stonham church 
    • 3.45pm. End walk at St Mary the Virgin Earl Stonham
    • 4.00pm. Evening prayer
    • 7.30pm. Evening at the Shepherd and Dog in Forward Green

    8 March

    • 9.00am. Morning Worship St Mary the Virgin Earl Stonham
    • 12.15pm. Visit Creeting St Mary's church
    • 12.25pm. Walk to Needham Market 
    • 1.00pm. Lunch in Needham Market
    • 2.15pm. Visit St John the Baptist Needham Market church
    • 2.30pm. Start walking from the church
    • 2.30pm. Walk alongside River Gipping to Stowmarket 
    • 4.30pm. End walk and visit at St Peter and St Mary Stowmarket church
    • 4.45pm. Evening prayer

    9 March

    • 9.00am. Morning prayer at Stowmarket Church
    • 9.30am. Walk Stowmarket to Onehouse church 
    • 10.10am. Visit St John the Baptist Onehouse
    • 10.20am. Walk to Wood Hall farm
    • 4.00pm. Visit Woolpit church
    • 4.15pm. Walk Woolpit to Drinkstone 
    • 4.45pm. End walk at Drinkstone church
    • 5.00pm. Evening prayer

    10 March

    • 9.00am. Morning worship in Drinkstone Church
    • 9.20am. Walk from Drinkstone church to Hessett church 
    • 10.00am. Visit Hessett church
    • 10.15am. Walk to Rougham church
    • 11.30am. Visit Rougham church
    • 11.45am. Walk to Rushbrooke church
    • 12.30pm. Visit Rushbrooke church
    • 12.45pm. Take lunch to eat in the church
    • 1.15pm. Walk to Bury St Edmunds
  • Photographs from the Pilgrimage-+

    Best feet forward, Bishops Martin, right, and Mike, left, begin their eleven day walk to Bury St Edmunds after the service at Dunwich Beach. Photo: Keith Mindham Photography


    Photo: Keith Mindham Photography


    The Bishop of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich The Rt Revd Martin Seeley, right, and The Rt Revd Dr Mike Harrison Bishop of Dunwich on the final leg of their 70 mile pilgrimage from Dunwich to St Edmundsbury Cathedral, at Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.  Photo: Keith Mindham Photography


    Photo: Keith Mindham Photography