Local Giving Advisor

Local Giving Advisors have a vital role in supporting clergy and PCCs, acting as someone who will encourage the congregation in their giving, and act as a champion for some of the wider stewardship issues.  This is important as it will raise parish/benefice income to levels which will sustain the Church’s mission and ministry. 

This role would suit someone who can build trust between the congregation and the PCC.  You will need a good working relationship with the PCC, Treasurer, Parish Giving Advisor and the ministry team.  

What does a Local Giving Advisor do?

  • Encourage giving and stewardship from within the congregation
  • Encourage the Clergy and Readers to teach and preach on stewardship
  • Actively champion generosity within the parish/benefice.

Who can be a Local Giving Advisor

  • Ideally you would be a member of the PCC, as you will be able to bring a stewardship perspective to PCC discussions.
  • You would be appointed by the PCC and must attend basic training prior to commissioning. 
  • The commission is from the Bishop and lasts for three years and you are expected to attend an annual ‘in service’ get together.
  •  A good communicator with personal commitment to Christian stewardship principles.

For further information and resources

Please visit the following website pages:

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