Bishops' training days

Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike talking

The Bishops hold regular training events throughout the year for all ministers (Clergy, Elders, Readers and Licenced Lay Ministers)

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Resources from previous events

Preaching on Matthew's Gospel: 5 November 2022

  • What are some of the recent insights on Matthew's Gospel ?
  • How does Jesus' person and work come across in this gospel?
  • What about the parables, the sermon on the Mount and Jesus' relation to Judaism?

These are just some of the questions the bishops address as they look at the gospel which we will be using through the lectionary year 2022-2023.

PowerPoint presentation | PPX


Pastoral care in the wake of the pandemic 22 May 2021 


Mark's Gospel: 28 November 2020

Mark's Gospel - the earliest, punchiest, shortest of the gospels and the one which has centre stage for the Sunday readings for the Church's year from Advent 2020 to 2021. Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike took a look at the distinctive nature of this gospel, considering how Mark portrays Jesus and highlighting some of the major themes and characters Mark emphasises.

PowerPoint presentation | PPX

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Rediscovering Prophecy: 14 November 2020

Jesus said that his followers would “hear his voice.” The apostle Paul tells us to “eagerly desire the gift of prophecy. So how do we learn to listen, and what does it mean to listen together? Remember, prophecy is a gift to encourage and we all need that!  Led by Ceri Harris of Accessible Prophecy in the UK. Ceri writes, “Learning to recognise and gain confidence in using this gift has been an important part of my journey. It’s always been there, but identifying it and intentionally leaning in to it has been and an important part of God’s calling.”

Presentation notes | PDF


Climate Change 2019: The environmental crisis and why it should be of primary concern to Christians

A look at scriptural and theological approaches to ecology and consideration of how as individuals and a Church we can make a difference.

Flourishing Congregations 2018

This training morning  answered the questions of what do flourishing congregations look like and what steps might we take as ministers to provide the best environment and opportunities for congregations to flourish.

Pastoral Ministry 2017

Reflecting on the significane of pastoral ministry and developing good practice.


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