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Growing in God

Growing in God is our Diocesan Vision for Growth

In order to have flourishing congregations making a difference, parishes and benefices will continue to concentrate on our four priorities of depth, number, influence and younger.

“I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth" 1 Corinthians 3:6

  • Growing in Depth – responding to the call of Christ in every part of our lives
  • Growing in Number – drawing contacts we have into the life of God’s kingdom
  • Growing in Influence – reaching beyond ourselves in our impact on the wider world
  • Growing Younger – building churches whose age range reflects our communities

We have highlighted four ‘building blocks’ which will be the tools we use to achieve our vision. They are Faith & Discipleship, Vocation & Ministry, Relationships & Structures and Resources & Buildings.

  • Faith & Discipleship
    Through enhancing the quality of our worship, building up our fellowship and extending our witness, we will develop flourishing and outward-looking congregations making a difference for our communities.
  • Vocation & Ministry
    We will build up the numbers of those in lay and ordained ministries including pioneers, evangelists and children’s and youth ministries. Our training will be accessible, flexible and integrated. It will place as much emphasis on continuing development as it does on initial training.
  • Relationships & Structures
    We will develop partnerships and networks for mutual learning and support and sharing good practice; working with ecumenical partners, schools and people of good will. We will align all our structures to serve the flourishing of our congregations.
  • Resources & Buildings
    We will manage our resources and buildings as gifts for mission. We will develop resources and operations to support congregations for growth. We will be innovative and work together to identify the best use of our buildings for mission.

Discerning the local church’s vision and purpose

Download the Growing in God 'working booklet' below. These are designed as a repeatable four stage process of:

  • Celebrating the signs of God's presence in your church and wider community through worship and prayer.
  • Reflecting with a small group on our priorities using four sets of statements to determine up to eight areas of action.
  • Planning at an open evening to prayerfully consider which three of the eight areas suggested might become your three key areas of action for the coming 18 months.
  • Acting on the areas identified by making them the priorities for the local church’s time and resources working in partnership with others including diocesan officers.

Growing in God introduction: From Bishop Martin


Growing in Number: BBC Radio Suffolk's Jon Wright talking to Ashbocking Church




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