Leadership training - who should attend?

Course requirements:

Basic Awareness and Foundation courses must be completed prior to commencing this course. 

Who needs to complete this module?

This course is MANDATORY for:

  • All Clergy holding the Bishop’s Licence, commission, authorisation, or permission (including PTO, Honorary/Assistant Bishops and Chaplains).
  • All Readers and Licensed Lay Ministers holding the Bishop’s Licence (under Canons E6 & E8), together with all others who hold the Bishop’s commission (including Elders), authorisation, or permission to carry out similar ministerial functions.
  • Non-executive members of Chapter (unless their role in the diocese requires a higher level of training).
  • Safeguarding officers in all church bodies.
  • Teaching staff at Theological Education Institutions who deliver the Leadership Pathway.
  • Safeguarding Leads in Theological Education Institutions. 
  • Churchwardens are required to complete this training if their parish is in vacancy, or if they are a leader of worship.
  • In a local context, it should also include such other people who significantly influence the culture of the church e.g., lay ministry staff employed by a PCC or BMO, locally appointed leaders of new worshipping communities, focal ministers.
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