Emma Tarbun

Emma Tarbun
Mum, St Edmund's Church, Southwold

When Emma became a mum for the first time, she and her partner started to take their daughter to family services at St Edmund’s church in Southwold, and formed a friendship group that they were soon to rely on more than they could ever have expected. 

Her second pregnancy was very difficult, and as well as leaning on her faith for support, Emma found enormous practical kindness from the church community. From dog walking to providing hot meals, from childcare to prayers for the health of her and the baby, the friends she had made through church rallied round when she needed them most. Thankfully, her son was born healthy and now the family regularly attends family services, in church and online.

Emma says it takes more than parents to raise a child: it takes a community. And that’s what they have found. Their church welcomes them all: even when the children’s energy bursts out mid-service, Emma is reassured by the kindness of other people, who often tell her not to be concerned, and that it is important for the next generation of worshippers to be welcomed here too.


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