The Emmanuel Project

The Emmanuel Project 2020 provides a complete set of 49 enquiry-based units for teaching RE across the primary school with clear background notes:

  • 29 units on Christianity from EYFS to KS2; and
  • 20 units on other world faiths for KS1 / KS2.

It is usable with most agreed syllabuses, providing detailed support. 

This edition includes:

  • An 'Assessing RE in your school’ section in all units to replace levels
  • End of unit and end of year assessment materials for all units including quick quizzes based in blooms taxonomy and Solo Taxonomy hexagons
  • Evaluate sections in all units to reflect the assessment changes
  • ‘Before you start’ pages in all units to reflect a wider use across the country as well as maintain a link with the Suffolk syllabus
  • ‘Explore’ sections in KS1 Christianity and all EYFS units 
  • Content in EYFS and KS1 to help teachers deliver the religious content in a more childfriendly way
  • Stories from other world religions included in EYFS units 
  • A ‘Teacher Handbook’ outlining content and progression for each phase and religion
  • Weblinks in every unit, with all previous links having been checked and updated!

Sample of LKS2 unit  Why do Christians believe they are ‘people on a mission’? |  PDF

2020 EXPLORE section Sample KS1 Pentecost Unit | PDF

Emmanuel Flyer | PDF

Sample Contents | PDF

List of 49 Teaching Units | PDF

Ten Key Points | PDF

The Emmanuel Project Facebook page | Weblink

The resource costs £250.00 to new buyers / £100.00 to those who bought the previous edition. 

To place an order, please contact Jacqui Studd.

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