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Parochial Fees

Parochial Fees

The following links to PF1 forms are provided to support differing versions of Microsoft Office.  The files (.xls and .xlsx) provided are for use with Microsoft Excel – the associated guidance notes (in PDF format) explain how to set up and use the spreadsheets.

If you do not use Excel, or need to use a paper copy of the PF1 form, you will need to download the printable (PDF) version below.

The .XLS version of the PF1 is supported by all versions of Excel.  Please note, this version has limited scope for retaining details of Funeral Directors etc, due to the lack functionality in older versions of Excel.

The .XLSX version of the PF1 provides additional features to save names of multiple churches in a Benefice, together with details of funeral directors and email addresses. To use this version, you will need to have a version of Excel that is less than five years old; if you find your system will not open the file for editing, please use the .XLS version.

You are advised to download and read the respective guidance notes (PDF) when you first use the new system.

PF1 Forms and Guidance




Parochial Fees Tables

Other Notes and Guidance

Parochial Quarterly Fee Returns