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Parish Share

Parish Share is a system to share the costs of mission and ministry between every parish. Full payment is essential if we are to fulfil our calling to ‘Grow in God’.

  • It is based on the real cost of ministry
  • Around 69% of the diocesan budget is spent directly on the cost of parish clergy
  • The rest is spent on supporting ministry in parishes, administering the charity and the wider mission of the church
  • 80% of the budget has to be raised through Parish Share
  • Unlike many other dioceses we have very few historic resources and so, of all the 41 dioceses, we are the diocese that is most reliant on contributions from members
  • It fulfils our calling to be the Body of Christ, where we all work in partnership with the strong supporting the weak

Additional Downloads


Parochial Fees Table | PDF


Centenary Share Report November 2019 | PDF

Parish Share Report October 2019 | PDF

Parish Share Report June 2019 | PDF



* Please note: In a small number of cases there may have been minor corrections between figure in this paper and assessments sent to treasurers. Please check with the Diocesan Office if in doubt by calling 01473 298551.