APCMs and Electoral Rolls

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Annual Parish Council Meetings (APCMs)

APCM's must be held between 1 January - 31 May 2021. This page is currently being updated, it is anticipated the page will be finalised before the end of February 2021.

For latest rules during the Coronavirus pandemic please visit here.

For the rules, regulations and guidance for Annual Parochial Church Meetings (APCMs) please visit

Parish Resources | Weblink

This webpage includes:

  • A revised version of the 'Fit and Proper Persons' declaration which can be done to verify eligibility in place of using nomination form wording
  • All up-to-date forms 
  • Updates regarding the Church Representation Rules – 2020.


Admission of Churchwardens

The 2021 admission of churchwardens to office will need to be done in individual parishes. The admission to office can be done by the incumbent or another ordained minister as appropriate. Churchwardens need to make the declaration and update their contact information:

Churchwardens declaration: 2021 to be added soon | DOCX

Churchwarden's contact form (new and existing Churchwardens) | DOCX

Please return the completed forms by email to the Archdeacon’s EA, Diane Matthews or by post to Diane Matthews, Churchwarden Declaration, Bishop’s Office, 4 Park Road, Ipswich, IP1 3ST.


Electoral Roll

The Electoral Roll should be reviewed and renewed annually. 

Click here for the PDF version of the Electoral Roll Certificate | PDF

Click here for the Word document version of the Electoral Roll Certificate | DOCX

Please complete the certificate by 1 July 2021 and return by email to Alison Barker or by post to Alison Barker, Diocese of St Edmundsbury & Ipswich, 4 Cutler Street, Ipswich IP1 1UQ.

Once every six years, each PCC is required to prepare a completely new Electoral Roll, which means that everyone must be removed from the existing Roll and re-apply. The next occasion for the preparation of a new Electoral Roll is in 2025.  The Parish Resources website also provides details for the preparation of the Electoral Roll.


Deanery Synod Elections

Each parish must elect representatives to serve on the Deanery Synod.  This normally takes place at the parish’s Annual Meeting.  The number of representatives to be elected is directly related to the total number of people certified as being on the parish’s Electoral Roll at the relevant Annual Meeting.

The period of office for lay members of the Deanery Synods is for three years commencing on 1 June following their election.



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