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Application for admission for first entry to primary school at age 4+ must be completed by 15 January in the year that you intend for your child to start. These applications are processed by the local authority. 

Admissions at other times are made direct to CEVA Schools and all academies. CEVC School applications go via the local authority as above. 

For a list of our church schools, please click here.

For the Directory of Schools in Suffolk for the 2020/2021 school year, please click here.

Any queries, please contact the Deputy Diocesan Director of Education.

  • Admission Appeals-+ School Standards and Framework Act 1998 gives parents the right to appeal against the decision of any Admissions Authority* if that body is unable to meet the parents' preference for choice of School.

    *In the case of a Community or a Voluntary Controlled School the Local Authority (LA - Suffolk County Council) is the Admissions Authority.

    In the case of a Voluntary Aided School the individual Governing Body is the Admissions Authority.

    In the case of an Academy - at a "standalone" Academy the Directors are the Admissions Authority; for a school within a Multi Academy Trust, the Directors of the MAT are the Admissions Authority.

    This page cannot give a definitive guide to Appeals, rather it aims to signpost you to the best sources of information. It can also serve as a reminder for Schools as to their role in the process. 

    The Education Appeals Office is the independent body which administers all Admission Appeals within Suffolk. It is unable to offer personal advice about individual appeals. However the Advisory Centre for Education (A.C.E.) is a national charity that provides advice and information to parents and carers on a wide range of school-based issues. Call them on 0300 011 5142 or look at their website

    The Education Appeals Office (EAO) can be contacted by email or call 01473 264218 or 01473 264219 or via these pages on the County Council website.

    Schools are reminded that they can access support from the Deputy Diocesan Director of Education.