Bereavement resources

Schools are very much at the front line when a bereavement occurs. It might – tragically – be a pupil who has died, a member of staff, a member of a child’s/member of staff’s family or a Governor or other member of the local community. In all schools – Church and Community – we would hope that local Clergy are able to take a lead in supporting those affected by the loss and in many circumstances help has also been sought from the LA. However, we recognise that for many schools access to guidance and a ready-made resource for use in these circumstances would prove helpful.

Bereavement guidelines

Our bereavement guidelines, for church and community schools, aim to offer clear suggestions for coping in the event of a death in your school community:

  • to support pupils and/or staff before, during, and after bereavement in an inclusive spirit that recognises everyone’s value to God
  • to enhance effective communication and clarify the pathway of support between school, family and community
  • to identify key staff within school, LA, MAT and the Diocese and clarify the pathway of support.

Bereavement guidelines for Church schools | PDF

Bereavement guidelines for community schools | PDF

Additional appendix for COVID-19 support | PDF

Bereavement resources

We have also put together three identical packs - each containing some 20 books along with a tactile Badger soft-toy - that have proved effective and have been recommended by those working in this area of pastoral need. Some of the books are for pupils, some for adults and others provide starting points for discussion of the “what if” scenarios. There are also links to the websites of national organisations such as The Child Bereavement CharityEdward's Trust and locally, Nicky's Way.

Due to the current situation, we are not able to lend our bereavement packs.  However, please click here to see a list of the resources contained in each pack.

Further bereavement resources

Please see our Coronavirus support page | Weblink

For any queries, please contact Jacqui Studd or call 01473 298570. 

Illustration from Dear Grandpa, by Chris Lawson. © The Discovery Centre.

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