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The Diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich has had a partnership with Kagera Diocese in North-West Tanzania for more than 20 years. The Education Team encourages all schools to find out about life in Kagera. We offer an exciting and challenging day for all primary schools to explore this link, as well as materials teachers can delve into themselves. Our churches are also developing ever closer links with Kagera.

We hope you will enjoy finding out more in the following resources.

  • The Lord's Prayer Project-+

    This amazing CD contains 13 songs including a Lord’s Prayer sung in Swahili with the children from Kagera. It also includes BSL, a reflective story, interactive prayer stations, 30 assemblies and a complete RE day for EYFS through to Y6.

    It can be bought from the Diocesan office at £15 plus p&p. £5 goes to NAPS school and £5 supports us in developing more resources to do with Kagera.

  • Ngara Crosses-+

    A wonderful project of shared RE and Art between an Ipswich school and Ngara Anglican Primary School in Kagera, in which children create crosses out of gathered materials in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

    The pack is available from Jacqui.studd@cofesuffolk.org for £15 plus p&p.

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