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Bishops Council

The responsibilities of the Bishop’s Council are:

  • to plan the business of the Diocesan Synod;
  • to initiate proposals for the Diocesan Synod and to advise on matters of policy;
  • to advise the President on any matter which he may refer to the committee;
  • subject to the directions of the Diocesan Synod, to transact the business of the Diocesan Synod when it is not in session;
  • to appoint members of committees or nominate members for election to committees subject to the directions of the Diocesan Synod;
  • to serve as the members, directors and charitable trustees of the Diocesan Board of Finance;
  • to be the Diocesan Mission and Pastoral Committee in accordance with all statutory requirements applicable thereto;
  • to carry out such other functions as the Diocesan Synod may delegate to it.

Members of Bishop’s Council are the trustees of the Diocesan Board of Finance which is a registered charity and are also its directors and members, as it is a company limited by guarantee. An Induction Pack (see below), which provides more detailed information regarding their role and responsibilities, is available on request for those seriously considering membership of Bishop’s Council.

Directors and Trustees Information Pack

Members of the Bishop's Council (which also acts as the Diocesan Board of Finance) are Directors of the Company and Trustees of the Charity.  Each member is provided with an induction pack, which is available to download by individual chapters from the selection below.  For further details please contact the Deputy Diocesan Secretary Ms Nicola Andrews.