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Treasurers play a vital role in ensuring the smooth running of our Church finances. Amongst other areas, they assist PCCs in:

  • financial planning
  • budgeting
  • balancing the books
  • procurement eg. insurance, utilities.

How can we help?

Being a treasurer can be a technically demanding role, we can help you by:

  • Providing training and guidance to help you undertake the responsibilities
  • Working with you to reduce procurement costs, find grants and funds and maximise parish income.


We can arrange training courses by bodies such as the Association of Church Accountants & Treasurers (ACAT) and others to help you suceed in your role. We have also have a login available to access all ACAT information, please get in touch with us to benefit from this.

Treasurer Forum

This is our online Treasurers forum ( to enable you to share best practice, resources and to build a strong network of treasurers across our Diocese. As of July 2019, we had almost 100 treasurers signed-up. Joining the forum takes less than five minutes and it's free!

Independent Examination

Church Accounting Regulations mandate that all PCCs undertake an examination or audit of their annual accounts. Most parishes will only require an independent examination, but others may need an audit. The table below outlines the financial criteria:

* Where gross income is over £250k an Independent Examiner must be a member of an accounting body, as recognised by the Charity Comission.

Given the breadth and depth of accounting experience within our Church, we encourage PCCs to tap into our network of treasurers to keep the costs of independent examination down (the Treasurer Forum can make this task much easier!).


ACAT Foundation Course – May 2019 | PPTX

Template Accounts | XLS

Template Independent Examiner Report | DOCX

Charity Commission Independent Examiner Guidance | PDF


For any queries relating to treasurer training, resources and parish share please contact Lee Jukes, Stewardship Manager: | 01473 298551.