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Local Giving Advisors

Local Giving Advisors have a vital role in supporting clergy and PCCs, acting as someone who will encourage the congregation in their giving, and act as a champion for some of the wider stewardship issues.

Local Giving Advisors can be effective at Benefice or Team level as well as at Parish level. What is important is that trust can be established and developed between the Local Giving Advisors and the congregation, and between them and the clergy. They will also need to establish a good working rapport with the treasurer and Gift Aid Officer.

Their role is to encourage giving and stewardship from within their congregation, not only by encouraging the Clergy and Readers to teach and preach on stewardship and by providing resources, but by actively championing generosity within the parish. It is ideal if they are a member of the PCC, as they will be able to bring a stewardship perspective to PCC discussions.

Local Giving Advisors are appointed by the PCC and must attend basic training prior to commissioning.  The commission is from the Bishop and lasts for three years.  Local Giving Advisors are expected to attend an annual ‘in service’ get together.

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