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Deanery Organisers

The Deanery Organiser is an important member of the leadership in a deanery.    Deanery Organisers are appointed by the Deanery Synod.  They are responsible for working with treasurers to ensure the Centenary Share is paid in full by all benefices.  Many will work with Parishes to ensure that where Parishes and Benefices are unable to contribute their full share that other Parishes are able to offer support. 

Deanery Organisers play an increasingly important role in the life of the deanery as we seek to move towards full payment of Centenary Share.  They meet regularly with the Head of Stewardship and the Finance Director. 

Role of the Deanery Organiser | PDF

For further information please contact our Stewardship Manager:

Lee Jukes

Tel: 01473 298551