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Deanery Synod Elections

The period of office for lay members of the Deanery Synods is for three years commencing on 1 June following their election.

Further guidance can be found here.

Elections Review Group

At the February 2019 General Synod, the draft Church Representation and Ministers Measure was presented to the General Synod for final approval. Members raised some concerns about the inclusion of a provision which would limit parochial lay representatives on deanery synods to two consecutive terms of three years. Members agreed to refer this provision to the Elections Review Group (ERG). The ERG is now consulting on a number of different options.
The ERG has prepared a consultation document which is available here: and would welcome comments from anyone who has a view on the matter. The consultation form provides the opportunity for respondents

  1. to say in respect of each option whether they regard it as acceptable
  2. to rank the options in order of preference
  3. to give longer comments if they so wish

The closing date for comments is Wednesday 10 July.  Responses can be sent by email to or by post to Jenny Jacobs, Central Secretariat, Church House, Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3AZ.