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Having fun at the Suffolk Show

Wednesday 29th May 2019

Having fun at the Suffolk Show

We have been represented at the Suffolk Show for nearly 20 years – and this year we organised a wide range of events against a backdrop of live music to appeal to people of all ages. 

Bishop Martin said: ‘‘Every year we have a Church of England marquee at the show, at Stand White 603, and our theme is “Connect,” offering a place of hospitality, rest, fun and opportunity to enjoy connections with friends and families. The marquee reflects the “cafe church” environment that you can find in many of our local churches, offering hospitality and welcome to all ages.  Café church is what we might call “interactive-church” that encourages people to participate in activities that helps them explore and express faith.  At our marquee at the Show there’s the opportunity to relax, to share in conversation, and to enjoy refreshments. There are also free children’s activities including face painting, craft activities, and sticker packs. The marquee provides quality time for all our guests, whether church members or not,  to connect with each other. It is an opportunity for those who don’t normally attend a church to find out a little more from those who do"

With over 2,000 visitors expected to come to the marquee this year, we are particularly keen to engage with young people and Bishop Martin, said parents and their children have been able to experience what a modern-day church can offer.  Visitors to the marquee are offered free refreshments, where they can take the chance to think about why they come to church, or why they don’t, and if they don’t what would help them give us a try.

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Picture: By Keith Mindham.