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Called Together 

Thursday 27th September 2018

Called Together 

Last Sunday the Cathedral saw the gathering together of all licensed lay ministries. At the service three new Readers and three Pioneers were licensed and we welcomed four Readers who have moved into the Diocese since last year. In addition, all serving Readers, Lay Pastors and Local Evangelists were relicensed along those with permission to officiate as well as the commissioning of Assistant Wardens of Readers and LLMs.

This service stressed our common calling to service, our dependence on one another’s ministries, our need to collaborate together and celebrated the distinctiveness of each lay ministry. The theme of the service was ‘sendings and returnings’, and focused not only on authorising those being sent out to different kinds of lay ministry for the first time, but also the importance of those ‘returning’ to be renewed and re-commit themselves to their work of witness and service.

New Readers
Janet Bishop – Wilford Peninsular
Derek Johns - Stoke-by-Nayland with Leavenheath and Polstead and Nayland with Wissington
Sarah Hall – Ipswich St Margarets

Lay Pioneers
Frances Brown, Blackbourne Team
Diane Grano, Tuddenham with Cavenham, Herringswell and Red Lodge
Tom Boswell, Saxmundham with Kelsale-cum-Carlton

Allison Cline-Dean  - East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust
Rowland Howarth – Ipswich St Andrew and Ipswich St John's Baptist
Roy Wisdom – Wiford Peninsular
Rod Higham – Combs and Little Finborough

Assistant Warden of Readers: Sheila Burnham, Barbara Hill, Miriam Webb, Christine Brooks, Frankie Wicks and Jean Archdeacon.