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Bishop Martin’s Easter Message 2018

Wednesday 28th March 2018

Bishop Martin’s Easter Message 2018

The message of Easter is the gift to live our lives differently.  

Bishop Martin reminds us in his Easter message that going to church at Easter renews in us once again the profound difference Jesus’ resurrection has made for us.  

“Every Holy Saturday my family sit around the kitchen table with bowls of coloured water to dye hard boiled eggs in time for Easter Day.  The tradition of Easter Eggs is an ancient tradition from the Middle East which spread across western Christianity.    At some point we turned real egg shells into chocolate - because we like to turn everything into chocolate!"

“The chocolate Easter eggs hold that double image of the new life that will burst out of an egg, and the new life of Jesus bursting out of the empty tomb.  That new life, living our lives differently, is expressed through the many ways we live for others, generously, selflessly, hopefully.” 

“The Bishops' Lent Appeal encourages churchgoers to raise funds for a local charity in their community to match the £50,000 we raised for the starving people of Kagera in Tanzania last year.”  

“The volunteering we do across the county helps those in need – whether in the hospital or a hospice, in a school, with a lunch club, or with a parents and toddlers group, there are over 5,000 charitable groups across our county, and all welcome our help and support.”

"You can make a positive difference in whatever is going on because the positive difference has a lasting and eternal value, because the bad has been conquered and the good and the love has won out through Jesus’ resurrection. So, living in the present means we are freed up from our anxiety about what bad things might happen and we can spend our lives living in relationship with one another doing those good things that enable us to thrive and flourish".