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Lay Elders Training

Who may be an Elder?

Anyone who is baptised and confirmed, a regular communicant, in good standing in the local Church and community, and able to fulfil the tasks of an Elder, may be considered for this ministry. There is no lower or upper age limit.

The “Basics" course replaces the previous “Getting Started” module, and now has to be completed before commissioning.  It is a four-session course for groups which may be of interest to all, but which is necessary for all who are involved in, or considering, any kind of ministry, whether local (e.g. Lay Elder ministry) or national (e.g. Reader ministry or ordination).

Basics | PDF

"Enhancing Worship” replaces the previous “Leading Worship” module and needs to be completed as soon as possible after commissioning by those Elders who are/will be leading services (Liturgical Elders).

Enhancing Worship - Leaders' Book | PDF

The current Pastoral Care module will be replaced by an Enhancing Pastoral Ministry course.  Until the revision is made, please download Pastoral Care an eight-session course for groups.

Pastoral Care | PDF


Commissioning documents: 

Resolution and service arrangements | doc

Request for Commissioning | doc

Confidential Declaration | doc

Data Protection form | doc

Role Agreement for Elders | doc

Service sheet | doc


Recommissioning documents:

Resolution and service arrangements | doc

Request for Recommissioning | doc

Role Agreement for Elders | docx

Service sheet | doc


Contact Lesley Steed,  Lay Elders Administrator, by email or phone 01473 298510 for more information.


Interview with Katie Orchard (Lay Elder, North Bury Team Ministry) | MP3