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Bishops’ Lent Appeal 2019

'Thank you' - Lent Appeal 2019

The Bishops would like to thank all those who contributed to the 2019 Lent appeal. We are delighted to announce that you raised "£30,529" this money will be used to support our brothers and sisters within our link dicoese. See the certificate below...

Fundraising Certificate | PDF


Robert is a priest in the parish of Mkarehe. He's a keen advocate for CCMP.   Mkarehe is a remote and very hilly parish, and his only means of getting around is to walk – as much as 8km from one church to another, or to visit a parishioner.  Many of his parishioners are illiterate, so they can't read the bible to their children.  Robert's dream is to be able to run literacy classes – but he would need funds for materials. Please help us to support people like him with the Lent appeal.



The money from the 2017 Lent Appeal is doing great things in Kagera as we're supporting Thomas Shavu to lead the Church and Community Mobilisation Process (CCMP). Thomas is teaching people that they can help themselves out of poverty.

Communities are being trained to recognise the resources they have and how best to utilise them.  Each community received a number of lectures, supported by Bible studies which were followed by question and answer sessions.  The Bible passage most used is 2 Kings 4:1-7, the story of Elijah and the widow. One villager said, ‘’I learnt that land, water, trees and everything around us are resources, but we have not yet utilised them fully to release ourselves from extreme poverty’’. Through this Bible study parishioners learn that everyone has something which if used well and with faith, God can multiply as he did for the widow.

At the end of these training sessions, participants make action plans which are now being implemented. One priority identified by almost all communities was the need to control erosion by planting trees in this coming season.

In the last two months 45,000 trees have gone out from the Diocesan tree nursery to churches, schools and individuals. The exercise continues through the next few months as some areas have not had enough rain to ensure the saplings will get a good start.  Please pray for enough rains to support tree growth and that farmers will take care of the trees up to maturity.

'Thank you' - Lent Appeal 2018

The Bishops would like to thank all those who contributed to the 2018 Lent appeal. We asked you to select which charities to donate to, with the emphasis on supporting Suffolk communities. So far, we have had 36 different parishes or benefices donating a total of £11,213 to 47 different charities. We encourage you to continue this generous support of your local community.

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