Growing in God resources for parishes

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“We cannot determine the fruit of growing in number or growing younger. We cannot compel people to have a faith – though we can do many simple things to make that growth possible – planting and watering – clearing the weeds and brambles – sowing seeds – not being fatalistic and believing in God’s providence. But we can determine what we do in seeking to grow in depth, attending to deepening our own faith and Christian practice, and engaging in actions that helps us to grow in influence” Bishop Martin Seeley

Our mission statement says that we intend to become “flourishing congregations, making a difference”.

The Gospel invites us to celebrate the good news of God’s saving love. That’s what lies behind our shared diocesan vision for Growing in God: God wants us to grow as his beloved children, he wants us to grow as loving communities, he wants us to grow in sharing his love beyond ourselves in both our words and actions.

Hear Bishop Martin Seeley introduce our Diocesan Vision below:


To help our parishes develop 'Growing in God' plans we have provided these resources:

1. Growing in God introduction booklet

This booklet gives an overview of our Diocesan vision and strategy which aims to act as a road map for how we live out God’s call to us.

Growing in God introduction booklet | PDF





2. Growing in God Celebrating, Reflecting and Planning booklet

This booklet aims to help you develop a growth plan which celebrates current good practice and reflects on the mission situation in order to strengthen, identify and plan realistic practical actions needed to grow further in each of our four priorities.Thie booklet can be used a work sheet style approach to help benefices and parishes assess strengths and weaknesses to enable you to set new achievable objectives. 

You can use these ideas in many ways:

1. As short exercises at a series of PCC meetings

2. As a working group as the basis of a wider consultation

3. To inform ongoing discernment processes in a ministry team

Growing in God Celebrating, Reflecting and Planning | PDF


3. Growing in God introduction poster

This gives a concise overview of our vision.

Growing in God introduction poster | PDF


For more information

For more information or any questions about these resources, please contact the Revd Canon Dave Gardner, Diocesan Director of Mission and Ministry.




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