Dwelling in the word

This is a tool used by the partnership of Missional Church as part of the culture-change process and significantly contributes to church growth. It allows us to listen to scripture, to each other and to God. 

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It is recommended that groups use the same passage each time they meet over the course of a year because, over time, it encourages the behaviours in the text: working closely together, trusting God’s leading, developing our missional vocation and ordering our priorities.   Dwelling in the word’ allows groups of Christians to form a shared sense of the challenge facing them.

  • Listen to the passage as it’s read aloud.
  • In quiet consider where it struck you, what the Spirit might be saying to you or what question it raises for you.
  • Find a person you do not know so well.
  • Listen to that person as he or she tells you what they heard in the passage.
  • Listen well, because your job will be to report to others (usually another pair) what your partner has said, not what you yourself said.
  • Some people even take notes to help them, focus and remember.

The passage for churches for the year Advent 2018 onwards is Phil 1:27, 2:5-11 see pdf below:

Dwelling in the Word | PDF

"Dwelling in the Word is a wonderful and simple way of enabling people to hear from one another how the word of God is impacting them and generates faith conversations and reflection in a non threatening atmosphere of mutual respect." Bishop Mike Harrison.