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Children’s and Families’ Ministers

Family comes in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and practices. Family Ministry is the intentional building of relationships between church congregations and families within the local community. Changing the ways we grow the Kingdom of God requires the right conversations, the right relationships and the ‘going alongside’ all ages as they explore faith together. Family is all of us.

Becoming a Children's and Families' Minister

A Children's and Families' Minister will already be working alongside their church and community with toddler groups, children’s clubs, Messy Church, Baptism families, with young people in church or similar. Many work as part of a Ministry team and are supported by the Incumbent. Enabling inter-generational connections is a focus of any activity, and Family Ministers will have some experience of establishing creative ways to engage.

To learn more about the role of Children's and Families' Ministers and how to become one, you can read this leaflet.

Children's and Families' Training

The Connect course provides support, gives encouragement and broadens approaches to Family Ministry and Children's Work across the Diocese. It is not a practical children's work course but one in which we endeavour to develop leadership and team-building skills to enable culture change in our parishes to raise awareness and understanding of family ministry and reach out to families in our communities. The course is open to all and is also used as one of the precursors to licensing as a Children's and Families' Minister.

“It is always helpful to know that you are not on your own; that there are other people who you can share ideas with, to encourage each other and to learn together”.

The course takes place over eight Saturdays during the year, starting in September 2019. This year's sessions include:

  • What is Family Ministry?
  • How Children Learn
  • Leading and Building Teams
  • Vision into Practice
  • Being and Growing Disciples
  • Culture Change and Being Intergenerational
  • Supporting Households
  • Travelling the Journey of Life
  • Looking Back and Going Forward

For more information

For all enquiries about Children's and Families' Ministry, the Connect course or ongoing training opportunities, please contact Hilary Wordsworth-Sewell, Diocesan Children’s and Families’ Enabler on 01473 298500 or email

To learn more about the role of Children's and Families' Ministers, you can read this leaflet.