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Exploring Vocation

All baptised Christians are called to use their gifts to serve God and others in the name of Christ. Some do this through authorised ministries that serve the ministry and mission of the whole church and work collaboratively at all levels.

God creates each of us for a purpose and gives us a unique place in the world. Christians describe this as our calling or 'vocation'. Vocation is about the whole of human life, not just what we do in church. Discovering what God is calling us to be and to do is a life-long process, as we grow individually and the needs around us change.

Prayer, reflection, Bible study and conversation with your parish priest or other Christian friends can all help us to listen to what God is asking of us.

You may find our Living Faith training resources helpful.  Resources include a four-session course which you can use this by yourself, or (preferably) with others:

If you’d like a paper copy (for the cost of printing and postage) please contact Lesley Steed.

A list of further resources are available here:

The Church of England website 'Exploring a call to ministry or religious life' offers a comprehensive overview of vocation and includes guidance on selection and training:  

This section of our website outlines the ministries currently available in the diocese.  The training, which may be of interest to all but which is necessary for all who are involved in, or considering, any kind of ministry whether local (e.g. Elders) or national (e.g. Reader ministry or ordination) can be downloaded. 


Fellowship of Vocations

The Fellowship of Vocations meets six times each year, usually in Bury St Edmunds.  It is open to anyone who has a sense that God is calling them to refocus their discipleship in some new way. It allows those exploring a sense of vocation to develop a greater understanding of the Christian tradition of vocation discernment, and provides opportunities to discuss one’s own possibilities with others on a similar journey, guided by members of the diocesan vocations team.

To register your interest in the Fellowship of Vocations, please contact Lesley Steed.