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Collective Worship Training

Basics course - we run a termly on collective worship which includes details of the statutory requirements.  The next course will be on 26 February 2019.

CW courses for SIAMS - we also run half day courses on aspects of worship which are frequently addressed in SIAMS reports, e.g. use of prayer and reflection.

CW Conference - we also run a collective worship conference every two-three years which deals with current recommendations on good practice and examples from local schools.

For details of all our courses, please see our Training and events page or contact Gemma Kingston direct.

What do you think....SIAMS questions to ask about collective worship

This booklet provides a range of questions to ask the people who should be able to tell you most about CW in your setting.  We believe that by asking the right questions, you will gain a better picture of the impact of CW in your particular setting, and that this will provide a springboard for continuing improvement. Please click here for the booklet.

Working on Worship Papers

These colourful 4 page spreads on many different aspects of Collective Worship have been prepared by Helen Matter, our former Schools’ Adviser, working alongside practising teachers, clergy and lay Christians, who regularly plan and lead Collective Worship. Written primarily for church primary schools, they are really helpful for all interested in improving their Collective Worship. Try one out in a brief spot in your staff meeting. Over time work through others in the series and watch it make a real difference to your Collective Worship in small bite-size steps.

For more, please click here.

Last updated 2 April 2020.