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Bishops’ Pilgrimage 2018







Walking Together Pilgrimage 2018

19 - 29 March 2018

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  • The Pilgrimage starts on Monday 19 March with a 9.00am Holy Communion at St Stephen’s Chapel, Bures and finishes at the Chrism Service at the Cathedral on Thursday 29 March at 11.30am.
  • Each day starts and ends at a Church in the Diocese, with morning prayer at 9.00am and evening prayer at approximately 5.00pm.
  • Everyone is invited to walk with the Bishops for part of each day as outlined below. 
  • Some walks contain private visits.
  • Walks especially suitable to join are marked with * as they are circular or have return transport available.



Accompanying walks


Monday 19

 Stephen’s Chapel, Bures

 Sudbury St Gregory’s

9.00am Bures to Sudbury

Good train service for return *

6½ miles


Tuesday 20

 Sudbury St Gregory’s

 Cavendish St Mary the Virgin

3.00pm Kentwell Hall (meet at picnic place by gates of hall.  See photo below) via St Mary Glemsford to St Mary Cavendish

6 miles


Wednesday 21

 Cavendish St Mary the Virgin

 Kedington St Peter and St Paul

2.30pm St Peter and St Paul Clare walk to St Peter and St Paul in Keddington

5 miles

Thursday 22

 Kedington St Peter and St Paul

 Little Thurlow St Peter

3.30pm walk from the Red Lion pub, Great Wratting to St Peters Little Thurlow

3 miles

Friday 23

 Little Thurlow St Peter

 Exning St Martin St Philip & St   Etheldreda Newmarket

3.15pm accessible walk St Agnes Newmarket to St Martin Exning

3 miles

Sunday 25 

 9.30am Exning St Martin St Philip   & St Etheldreda Newmarket   Sunday Service with Bishop Martin and Eucharist Service at 11.00am with Bishop Martin

 10.00am Newmarket St Mary the   Virgin Sunday Service with   Bishop Mike

 Exning St Martin St Philip & St   Etheldreda Newmarket


2.00pm – 4.30pm

Circular Prayer Walk from/to St Martins    Exning *



4.5 miles

Monday 26

 Exning St Agnes

 Worlington All Saints

9.00am St Agnes, Exning

via Animal Health Trust visit (Visitors’ Centre open to all) to St Mary Kentford

Good bus service for return*

4 miles


Tuesday 27

 Worlington All Saints

 Mildenhall St Mary

 Lackford St Lawrence

9.00am Worlington All Saints to St Mary’s Mildenhall


1.30pm St Mary’s Mildenhall Lark Valley Path to All Saints Icklingham

Good bus service for return*

2 miles




8 miles


Wednesday 28

 Lackford St Lawrence

 Bury St Edmunds St John the   Evangelist

11.30-1.00pm walk from Culford Church to All Saints, Fornham

3 miles

Thursday 29

 11.30am Chrism service,   Cathedral



Day One Reflection

Day Two Reflection

Day Three Reflection

Day Four Reflection

Day Five Reflection

Day Seven Reflection

Day Eight Reflection

Day Nine Reflection

  • Pictures from Day 1-+

    Bishop Martin and Mike met pupils from Bures C of E Voluntary Controlled Primary School during the first morning of their Suffolk Pilgrimage.   India Nott, aged ten, wore Bishop Mike’s mitre and cloak to demonstrate what Bishops wear.  The Bishops answered the pupils’ questions and finished with a hymn.  






    Bishops Martin and Mike having a lesson in glass cutting, instructed by stained glass designer Jon Messum, at Bures. Both Bishops carefully cut a piece of glass that will be used in a commemorative piece being produced to mark the Centenary of the end of World War I