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Bishops’ Lent Appeal 2020

Our Lent Challenge 2020 is all about raising awareness of environmental issues.  It is not just about raising money but offers a fun way in which you and your family can think about ways in which we can all protect God’s creation. 

Bishops Martin and Mike said, "Christians are rediscovering that caring for the creation God brought into being, and which He loves, is a vital part of our mission as well as being an issue of justice.  Our appeal this year is not just about fundraising but offers a set of resources for groups and individuals to engage positively and actively with environmental issues, including study aids on what the Bible has to say on these matters, what God’s creation itself is telling us, and what our brothers and sisters across the globe are experiencing at this time. We urge every member of the Church in Suffolk to consider taking up at least one of the ideas in this leaflet in 2020."  

The appeal offers study materials, daily challenges and devotionals, suggestions for Lenten giving, and many other ideas to help you and your church to grow deeper in God this Lent.  It focuses on five key areas:

  • Study - links to the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Lent book “Saying Yes to Life”, a delightful and thought-provoking exploration of the biblical story of creation in which God himself said “Yes” to life.  
  • Be Challenged - take a look at our 40 day Lent Challenge Booklet designed to generate awareness and make you think!
  • Pray - there are a range of #LiveLent resources available by email, mobile phone, smart speaker or via the website.  Suitable for adults and children you can find further information here.
  • Get Involved - almost 100 churches in our Diocese have  joined the Eco Church scheme, and we are proud to have achieved a bronze Eco Diocese award.  Give it a try. 
  • Give - our Bishops propose to start a new seed fund for environmental initiatives across our diocese – your gifts to this fund will enable us to offer small grants to parishes for projects focusing on our mission to care for God’s creation.  Or you could donate to other charities involved in environmental issues such as Christian Aid or A Rocha UK.

Download a copy of our resources today:
Lent Challenge Environment Leaflet | PDF
Lent Programme outline | PDF
Bishops' Seed Fund Giving Form | DOCX

The Daily Challenges will be posted on the Diocesan Facebook page so do look at our social media channels, and join the Facebook Environment Group.  If you want further information about the Environment please email the Diocesan Environment Officer the Revd Sandie Barton on

Please also see our Environment page.

For information about previous Lent Appeals please visit here.