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Kagera Link Diocese

The Anglican Communion has a network of links around the world. Our diocese has been linked with Kagera in Tanzania since 1994. Our common aims are friendship, understanding, praying, learning and sharing. Our link gives us opportunities to become partners in mission as we learn from each other how to be more effective in doing God’s work in His world.

Bishop Aaron

Bishop Aaron, Bishop of Kagera, writes

“Working with our sister diocese in Suffolk has given Kagera people the opportunity to discover that God’s love is so great that it is beyond our imagination. It is only through this love that we may become the same before the Lord.”

  • Kagera Basics-+

    Kagera is a beautiful region, mostly of steeply hilled savannah country. However it is one of the poorest areas in Tanzania. Most of its two million people live on less than a dollar a day. The church is growing rapidly as it serves the communities through spiritual nurture, healthcare, education and poverty alleviation with the aim …. “that they may have fullness of life in Christ” John 10.10.

    Bishop Aaron

    To find out more about life and the work of the church in Kagera, please visit their own website www.kageradiocese.info.

  • What can I do?-+
    • Pray (find points to pray for in our daily diocesan prayer diary)
    • Learn more – invite a speaker to your church or small group
    • Invite a team to present a “Kagera Day” in your local primary school (see leaflet in the Resources section below)
    • Form a Kagera group in your area to pray and support together
    • Visit Kagera

    For more information on any of these email kagera@cofesuffolk.org.

  • How can I give?-+

    In Kagera Pastors and Lay Evangelists not only lead their churches in lively worship and biblical teaching, but also enable development projects which build self-sufficiency in the communities. The Diocese has very limited resources. Pastors and church leaders sometimes go without pay. For this reason, we have agreed to support the following projects:

    • Pastors Children’s Fund
    • Church and Community Mobilisation Process
    • Kagera Christian Training College
    • Ngara Anglican Primary School
    • Kagera General fund; this fund allows flexibility to help with specific requests and ensures our commitments to the funds above are maintained

    Find our leaflets and Donation Form in the Resources section below


  • Kagera Contact | Email
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