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Elections to Committees

There are many ways in which we can support the mission and ministry of the church across our 445 parishes and one of them is to help us to exercise sound governance.

Following the October 2018 elections, there remain vacancies across the various committees and therefore, we are repeating the process.

We encourage a wide and diverse cross section of our members to become involved.  If you feel called to work collaboratively, assisting in openness of communication and ensuring clarity of decision making, then please may we encourage you to come forward or recommend others to fill these gaps.  Vacancies exist on the following committees:


The Diocesan Board of Education (DBE)

Concerned with the promotion of education, church schools, RE and Collective Worship but its responsibilities also include an increasing focus on school improvement.
The DBE is appointed by Archdeaconry. DBE is elected on the basis of the archdeaconries of Ipswich, Sudbury and Suffolk (legally, there are three archdeaconries in this diocese even though we have been working for some time with two archdeacons who between them cover the diocese). 
The vacancies that need filling are as follows:
Ipswich Archdeaconry 2 clergy and 1 laity
Sudbury Archdeaconry 1 clergy and 1 laity
Suffolk Archdeaconry 2 clergy and 1 laity

The next DBE meeting will be held on Tuesday 12 February 2019 at 1.30pm in the St Nicholas Centre. Tea and coffee are available from 1pm. As this is the first meeting of the new three year term of office, as a one-off, members will be meeting at 10.00am, followed by lunch. This will be a good opportunity to find out more about the DBE.

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The Vacancy in See Committee

Considers the appointment of the new Diocesan Bishop when a vacancy occurs.
The vacancies that need filling are  1 clergy and  3 laity.

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The Patronage Board

Is patron to a number of benefices within the diocese acting either jointly with others or in sole capacity.
The current vacancies that need filling are as follows 3 clergy and 5 laity.

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Please be aware that for all three of these committees (DBE, Vacancy in See Committee, and the Patronage Board, applicants do NOT have to be members of the Diocesan Synod but do have to be nominated and seconded by a Synod member of the same House. If a nominee does not know any Diocesan Synod members, please send us the nomination form by Thursday 31 January 2019 and we will arrange for the process to be completed.

Please be aware that those who can be elected, who can propose and second for each Committee is specified in each of the nomination forms.
The deadline for forms to be in is 1 February 2019.


For Synod members only we also have vacancies in:

Bishop’s Council
There are two vacancies, one clergy and one laity. 

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The Cathedral Council

Responsible for furthering and supporting the spiritual, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical work of the Cathedral. Members of this council would take up office on 1 March 2019.
The vacancies that need filling, 2 clergy and 1 laity.  

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