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Parish Giving Scheme

This is an exciting new, free resource to help your church members plan their giving and, where appropriate do so tax efficiently.

The world is changing; most of us are not paid weekly in cash and most (but not all) have banks accounts, internet banking and plastic cards. How we give regularly to our church is also changing, not least because of shifting patterns of church attendance and our weekly giving envelopes cannot keep up. Take a huge step forward in nurturing planned giving by joining the new and exciting Parish Giving Scheme. 

Parish Giving Scheme explained | PDF

Frequently Asked Questions | PDF

Parish Giving Scheme Handbook | PDF

Registration Form | Word

Parish Giving Scheme Presentation | PDF

Parish Giving Scheme Presentation | PowerPoint


Monthly Reports:



“Since introducing the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) our regular weekly giving has increased by almost 40% per donor. We kept it simple (which the CofE is guilty of not always doing) and just sent a letter to those we felt appropriate and then followed up with a reminder. That was all - oh and thank you letters to those who gave! It worked for us. Why not give it a try?”  David Fison, Butley Treasurer.

If you are wondering about registering or have any other questions, please contact our in-house PGS Team. Our team’s contact details are:

PGS Team
Tel: 01473 298500
Email: pgs@cofesuffolk.org

Lee Jukes, our Stewardship Manager, will be overseeing the PGS rollout across the Diocese and can be contact directly on:

Tel: 01473 298551
Email: lee.jukes@cofesuffolk.org   

Julie Podd, Parish Giving Scheme Adviser

Tel: 01473 298555                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Email: julie.podd@cofesuffolk.org