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The Education Team produce their own, effective resources for use in Collective Worship and Religious Education lessons. Many of these are available free of charge as downloads from this page. Others are commercially printed resource packs for which a charge is made to cover costs. Additionally, postage and packing is charged at cost unless schools or individuals can arrange collection of the item(s) from the St Nicholas Centre in Ipswich (IP1 1UQ).

We anticipate that all of the resources listed here will be in stock at all times - if a title is not highlighted in purple this indicates that we are reprinting the pack or awaiting stock from a supplier.

  • Thy Kingdom Come-+

    Thy Kingdom Come
    In response to a challenge from Archbishop Justin, many churches were involved in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’, ten days of prayer between Ascension Day (25 May 2017) and Pentecost (4 June 2017).  

    We hope all schools used the chance to tell pupils about the project by having a focus on revisiting the Lord’s Prayer, singing it more often, re-learning the BSL etc, or maybe by holding a Lord’s Prayer day in the early summer term.  

    Many of you still have the Lord’s Prayer CD we produced with Suffolk school children.  The CD has a complete RE Theme Day on it as well as Lord’s Prayer songs, countless assemblies, BSL, etc.  There is also a set of Lord’s Prayer reflective stations on the CD; some local churches may be willing to host these for you after half-term.  

    If you can’t find your CD and need to buy a new one, contact jacqui.studd@cofesuffolk.org  The CDs cost £15 plus £1.50 p and p. Each CD sold earns money for Ngara Anglican Primary School in Kagera, Tanzania. 

    Ways schools could get involved:

    • Using the Suffolk Lord’s Prayer assembly on the national website
    • Making Lord’s Prayer bookmarks for each child or posters for each classroom.  Hold a competition for the design.  Send us some to see!
    • Bringing children to the cathedral on 24 May for schools’ activities – you will hear from the Discovery Centre about these - or ask Helen Woodroffe directly: discoverycentre@stedscathedral.org 
    • Visiting the cathedral yourself in the evening of 24 May for a reflective and musical drop-in event - please see click here for more information
    • Speaking to local churches about supporting you with a Lord’s Prayer Day or about hosting the Reflective Prayer stations early in the summer term.  
    • Recording your own children singing the Lord’s Prayer and put it on your website.  Even offer to teach a local church to sing the Lord’s Prayer or sign it in BSL.

    Please do send us photos of your school's involvement.

  • Bereavement-+

    Schools are very much at the front line when a bereavement occurs. It might – tragically – be a pupil who has died, a member of staff, a member of a child’s/member of staff’s family or a Governor or other member of the local community. In all schools – Church and Community – we would hope that local Clergy are able to take a lead in supporting those affected by the loss and in many circumstances help has also been sought from the LA. However, we recognise that for many schools access to a ready-made resource for use in these circumstances would prove helpful.

    We have put together two identical packs - each containing some 20 books along with a tactile Badger soft-toy - that have proved effective and have been recommended by those working in this area of pastoral need. Some of the books are for pupils, some for adults and others provide starting points for discussion of the “what if” scenarios. There are also links to the websites of national organisations such as The Child Bereavement Charity and Edward's Trust.

    You can borrow either set of resources by contacting Jacqui Studd or call 01473 298570. They are loaned free-of-charge and without time limit. 

  • Kagera Link-+

    Our Diocesan link with the Anglican Diocese of Kagera in Tanzania is greatly strengthened by the close relationship we have built with the Ngara Anglican Primary School (NAPS). Contact Jean Daltry, Kagera Link Co-ordinator for resources and other goodies which we hope will inspire you to find ways of informing your pupils about NAPS, the work they do and our fund-raising for them.

  • Lord’s Prayer Project-+

    A music resource for schools and churches professionally recorded in Ipswich Primary Schools and the Ngara Anglican Primary School, Tanzania. The CD contains:

    • 13 songs, including 10 sung versions of the Lord’s Prayer
    • 30 fully-documented and resourced assemblies / acts of collective worship
    • all you need to run a primary-age RE theme day on all aspects of the Lord’s Prayer
    • sign language guidance, resources and ideas to help create interactive stations and a fully-documented reflective story
    • spoken recordings of the Lord’s Prayer in 18 different languages.

    All this for £15 + £1.50 p&p per copy.

  • School Effectiveness-+

    Home-School Diary for Church Schools

    An excellent way of adding value to home-school diaries by customising them. Children will be proud to share them with their families and parents will want to check them daily. The ethos section gives church schools a great way of sharing their Christian values with the families of their schools. Thanks to Jane Trampnow at All Saints CEVAP School, Newmarket, for this.

    A fresh approach to newsletters for parents

    Take a look at Lisa Tweed’s newsletters from Risby CEVCP School. Go to www.risby.suffolk.sch.uk and follow the link to ‘Newsletters’ to see Lisa’s engaging, exciting approach to newsletters that ensures that, from this school, they will not fail to be read! See what you think…

    Triangulation Grid

    Courtesy of Wendy Kelway at Capel St Mary CEVCP School. This useful resource is used currently by HMI and is a grid for collecting evidence of the quality of teaching over time that can help lead to a judgement.

    Lesson Observations Elements Grid

    Thanks to Sue Todd at St Matthews CEVAP School for this. Based on the work of Chris Quigley, this is a resource which a number of Heads in the Diocese are now using as a helpful way of assisting them with their observations of teaching and learning.

    Termly Monitoring Schedule template

    Courtesy of Vicky Hogg, Headteacher at Thurlow CEVCP School. Headteachers will, I am sure, appreciate the simplicity of this template, which fits onto 2 sides of A4!

    Monitoring record template for Collective Worship

    School effectiveness in our church schools includes Christian distinctiveness. I am often asked for something to help Heads with their observations of collective worship. Here is a suggested format for Headteachers and those wishing to take a closer look at the quality of collective worship in their schools.

    Book Scrutiny Quick-Check grid

    To assist senior leaders when carrying out and recording evidence of their regular ‘book looks’ of pupils’ work.

    Summer Reading Lists for Secondary Schools 

    Two versions of the summer holiday reading lists as recommended for students at Debenham High School. Many of the books recommended are definitely for older students but the idea and format can be easily adapted for our primary schools.

    Headteacher’s Reports to Governors

    Thanks to Carolyn Taylor, Headteacher at Kelsale CEVCP School for these Headteacher’s reports . These are a really good example of Headteacher reports that are produced with clear links to the OfSTED schedule.

    Particularly helpful for Governors is the ‘Acronyms’ section.

    Go to the Kelsale School website.

    Keep visiting these pages - More resources to be added shortly. Should you have resources that you wish to share please email them to Philip Knowles.

  • Church School Banners-+

    This guide provides details of how to make a church school banner with examples of school banners in our diocese.