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Growing in God Roadshows


We held Growing in God Roadshows in the Autumn of 2018.  Each roadshow included a short presentation and workshops with an opportunity for questions and answers covering topics such as:

  • Accessible worship services for those on the fringe         
  • Creative use of church buildings for mission                   
  • Discipleship groups for mission
  • Communicating Well
  • God calling
  • Making a difference where you are – how to live out your Christian Faith Monday to Saturday
  • Nurturing young people                            
  • Reaching young families through schools. 

Research Phase:

The Mission & Ministry team are now concentrating on the implementation stage of the initiative.  This includes the creation of new Action Plans as launched as part of the 2018 Articles of Inquiry. As you may remember in the Growing in God phase 2 booklet we asked each parish to provide Action Plans us by the end of November 2018.  If you need a copy of the booklet you can download from our website here.  Thank you to all those parishes who have returned their Action Plans for Growing in God Phase 2.

In order to help support your church in engaging with Growing in God we will begin to contact parishes from Monday 11 February to see firstly, how you are getting on with your Growing in God Action Plan and secondly, if there is any help that we at the diocesan office can offer to you.
This research will help us to better understand the current situation of Growing in God across the diocese and enable us to better support your church in its mission & ministry. If you have any questions please contact David Pawson via or 01473 298550.