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Over 3800 respond to a survey asking the people of Suffolk ‘what hurts you the most?’

Monday 12th March 2018

Over 3800 respond to a survey asking the people of Suffolk ‘what hurts you the most?’

The total number of responses from the Who Cares? Campaign across Suffolk is 3873 and there may be many more cards out there still to be entered!  Who Cares? is a national initiative where churches are working together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope. The questionnaire asks 'what hurts you the most?' recording true life stories of ordinary people working through painful times, as well as connecting with people who do care.

The Who Cares? team in Suffolk would like to say a big thank you to all of you who have taken part.  We have identified a number key themes which will help us in our ministries:

1)  As people get older issues relating to physical suffering, death and loneliness naturally become more prominent. 
2) In East Suffolk, 18.7% of all responses related to having negative emotions  This rises to over 25% of responses from the age range of 18 to 34.
3) In West Suffolk the category that stands out is injustice. Almost a fifth of the responses in West Suffolk so far have been to do with injustice. Injustice includes both global issues (such as concerns over war and hunger) and more personal issues (such as lying and bullying). This concern is reflected across all age ranges, except in the under 18 age bracket, where the issue of negative emotions is again highly prominent.

4) One final intriguing observation - we know that many in our communities have significant financial difficulties, but money issues did not figure significantly at all in the responses.

The information produced by Who Cares? is invaluable as we can direct our mission and ministry towards our healing and wholeness team, pastoral care, counselling and listening services alongside being able to sign post to other organisations who share our values. 

The Revd Canon Dave Garder says "I am really pleased with the success of this initiative with over 40 churches taking part since November last year.  The results so far will enable us to respond to the needs of the community.  The campaign has been well received and we still have a number of churches asking to particiapate in the coming months and this will add to the data to provide even more detailed information".