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Ministries Fair: Is God calling You?

Wednesday 6th April 2016

Ministries Fair: Is God calling You?

Absolutely! God calls everyone who loves Him into some kind of service. God creates each of us for a purpose and gives us a unique place in the world. Christians describe this as our calling or ‘vocation’. Vocation is about the whole of human life, not just about what we do in church. 

Discovering what God is calling us to be and to do is a life-long process as we grow individually and the needs around us change. Prayer, reflection, Bible study and conversation with your Parish Priest, or other Christian friends, is a good place to start.

Do you ever have a sense that your Christian faith is pushing you towards something new, something particular? Sometimes people believe that God is prodding them towards serving Him in a defined role. This might be experienced as a clear vocation to a certain ministry, or a more vague feeling, a prayerful wondering. Maybe it’s a welcome feeling, maybe it isn’t - the Bible is full of occasions when God calls people of all ages, and they react in all kinds of ways.

Ministries Fair at St Edmundsbury Cathedral on 23 April, 10.30am - 3.30pm,

The Ministries Fair will provide information, people to chat with and knowledgeable speakers throughout the day from a wide variety of organisations and ministries, such as Town Pastors, spiritual direction, church administration (Churchwardens, Treasurers, PCC Secretaries, Safeguarding Officers, etc.), ordained ministry, Reader ministry, school teaching, Commissioned Local Ministry (e.g. Elders/Parish Evangelists and Pioneers), commissioned evangelism, overseas missionary work, monastic life, various youth and children’s ministries, fostering, Church Housing Trust, lay hospital, hospice, prison, school, industrial chaplaincy – and many others.

This will be a brilliant opportunity to taste and see the huge variety of possibilities available. It might even spark new ideas for some kind of ministry within or beyond the Church community not specifically featured at the Ministries Fair. Come on your own or as part of a parish group.

Week by week we pray for our churches to flourish and grow. Such flourishing happens when we are a people who offer ourselves to God, serving in the countless ways that God makes possible. So discover more about what that might look like in your life. How might you give your discipleship more focus?

For more information please contact: 
Tim Jones or 
Ruth Dennigan