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Lent Appeal 2017: Kagera

Wednesday 11th January 2017

Lent Appeal 2017: Kagera

This coming Lent +Martin and I are asking you to consider joining in a diocesan Lent appeal on behalf of the diocese of Kagera. We have been linked with Kagera for 23 years and many have been enriched by our partnership in discipleship. Times are especially difficult in Kagera this year because of climate change and the consequent loss of reliable rains for crops, which has had a particularly devastating effect on two districts but is affecting all parts with reduced crop yields and income. Bishop Aaron has written: “Brothers and sisters in the Lord, I am writing to you to appeal for an emergency support for our people.”
We are asking every church to engage in this Lent appeal and there are resources for imaginative ways of doing so on the diocesan website.

Bishop Mike