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Everyone around Murgwanza is very excited

Wednesday 11th October 2017

Everyone around Murgwanza is very excited

Introducing the new Bishop of Kagera 

Everyone around Murgwanza is very excited and there is a happy atmosphere with the appointment of Darlington Bendankeha as the new Bishop of Kagera.

"We are delighted that Canon Darlington has been elected as the next Bishop of Kagera. Canon Darlington is already well known to many in this Diocese and his humility, energy and passion for mission are all qualities that will be effectively used in his new role and a blessing to many. We ask you to keep him in your prayers as he takes up his new role and also pray for Bishop Aaron as he steps down after such long and fruitful service." Bishop Martin and Bishop Mike. 

Our diocese has been linked with the Diocese of Kagera in Tanzania since 1994. Our common aims are friendship, understanding, praying, learning and sharing. Our link gives us opportunities to become partners in mission as we learn from each other how to be more effective in doing God’s work in His world.