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Ministry Development

If we are to sustain a faithful ministry, we need to find a range of support. Some of this is more formal, planned and expected of us: opportunities to learn at particular stages in ministry; regular structured review. Some is more informal, spontaneous and left to individual initiative: learning that reflects our own interests; a regular meeting with a peer group, a consultant or a spiritual director.

Effective development relies on the diocese and the individual minister taking their share of responsibility.


Key Contacts:

The Revd Jeanette Gosney
Bishops' Ministry Officer | 07710 479497  |  01473 252829

The Revd Canon Susannah Izzard
Bishops' Advisor for Pastoral Care of the Clergy  |  07702 571760

The Revd Canon Dave Gardner
Director of Mission and Ministry (CMD, MDR & Consultancy) | 01473 298521

The Revd Canon Tim Jones
Diocesan Director of Ordinands and New Ministries (& IME Phase 2) | 07468 474065

Ruth Dennigan  
Discipleship and Ministry Development Officer | 01473 298503

Mrs Lesley Steed
Senior Administrator for Mission and Ministry | 01473 298510