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Fresh Expressions

Changing Church for a Changing World

Fresh Expressions are new forms of church for a fast changing world. The initiative has resulted in hundreds of new congregations being formed alongside more traditional churches across the country. These new initiatives are intended to be for people who currently have little or no connection with Church. National research suggests that Fresh Expressions of Church are one of the most effective ways of reaching those who have never been to church in our increasingly secular culture.

Fresh Expressions

Three minute guides

The national Fresh Expressions team have produced seven guides that only take three minutes to read. These can be downloaded from this page:

There are many other resources and stories available on the national fresh expressions website www.freshexpressions.org.uk

Finding Fresh Expressions in Suffolk

Below you can find a map to different Fresh Expressions throughout Suffolk.

Vision Days

Members of the local Fresh Expressions team can provide vision days or evenings or help to create a mission shaped worship service to introduce the concept of church for those who don’t do church.

Mission Shaped Ministry Course is a one year part time learning journey for teams or individuals to be in a supportive community with others from across the denominations who share a similar passion. It will equip you to establish and sustain Fresh Expressions of Church or re-imagining mission from within a Parish Church setting. Group Project coaching is offered to apply the principles learnt into your local context.

The MSM course is now delivered in three ways; via the classic course or online. If there is sufficient numbers it could also be offered flexibly for a particular project where there is a large enough group. Contact the Revd Canon Dave Gardner, Director of Mission and Ministry, for more details.

All the resources available in Suffolk are detailed in our flyer ‘New ways of being Church in Suffolk’


Video resources

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  • For an example of a Fresh Expression of Church based in a town  |  video

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