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Open The Book

Open the Book is well-established across the diocese and is a storytelling resource for primary school collective worship. Visit www.openthebook.net for more details. 

The project involves teams, some old, some young, from a variety of local churches who tell simple stories from the Bible during Collective Worship.

The teams visit a school regularly, once a week or once a fortnight. They use the ever-popular Lion Storyteller Bible, props and drama to bring important Bible stories to life for a new generation. 

As part of a much wider national project, the teams work to a set pattern and a code of conduct. Locally many teams have become fast friends of the school, useful community links, and a rich resource for RE lessons too! 

Call Di Barker, Diocesan Coordinator, on 01359 241045 or contact her by email on dibarker@keme.co.uk. She can give you details about your local organiser or a team near you. Alternatively: contact Helen Matter

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